Red/Blue and Blue/Gold Buffalo Headband


Headbands featuring a red and blue buffalo or a blue and gold buffalo design.



Red and blue or blue and gold? You don’t have to choose teams with these red/blue and blue/gold buffalo headbands! You can get one of each to wear at every game all year long. These beautiful and soft twist headbands will fit everyone, from babies to adults. Each one is hand sewn and features a custom designed fabric made by Buffalo Seamery. The fabric is slightly brushed allowing it to grip your hair so it won’t slip around easily.

Baby (0-3M)
Small (6M-Young Child)
Medium (Older Child-Teen)
Large (Adult)

Processing Time: Handmade to order. Processing time about 1-2 weeks.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz

Baby, Small, Medium, Large


Red and Blue, Blue and Gold

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