Pleated Buffalo Face Masks


Pleated Buffalo themed face masks in a variety of styles.

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These pleated Buffalo face masks will add smile to your face (a well hidden smile). Since everyone has to wear a mask you might as well wear a stylish one! These Buffalo face masks are sized for children over 3 or adults, and are 2 layers of 100% cotton in my original and exclusive designs.

My pleated Buffalo face masks feature soft, stretchy fabric ties that are left untied for the recipient to tie themselves for the best fit. They can either be tied to fit around your head, OR you can tie them to fit around your ears, cut the extra, and tuck the knot in the channels on the ends of the mask. Additionally, 2 small pieces of pipe cleaner are included for the nose bridge. Just insert one into the top pocket and you can remove it to wash or replace. The pleats in this mask allow for a quick and easy fit.

Choose a style: 1) Red and blue buffalo, 2) Floral buffalo, 3) Buffalo architecture, 4) Red plaid buffalo, 5) Black plaid buffalo, 6) Black buffalo, 7) Pink buffalo, 8) Irish buffalo, 9) Purple buffalo 10) Blue and gold buffalo

Handmade to order: ships in 5-7 business days

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1 Red and Blue Buffalo, 2 Floral Buffalo, 3 Buffalo Architecture, 4 Red Plaid Buffalo, 5 Black Plaid Buffalo, 6 Black Buffalo, 7 Pink Buffalo, 8 Irish Buffalo, 9 Purple Buffalo, 10 Blue and Gold Buffalo


Child, Adult

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